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The Hopeful Dream: Umeed Academy’s Mission to Transform Lives

One Man’s Hopeful Dream is a beacon of change in a world where headlines often blur into a sea of statistics and fleeting attention. Meet 23-year-old Wali Rahmani, a law student passionate about reshaping the future of underprivileged Muslim children in India. 

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) recently unveiled staggering numbers about education and poverty, revealing that in 2021 alone, 10 lakh individuals had to abandon their education due to financial constraints. But while many glanced at this disheartening revelation and moved on, Wali Rahmani took it upon himself to be the difference.

A Journey of Excellence

Wali Rahmani’s Hopeful Dream began in prestigious schools like St. James in Kolkata and Genesis Global School in Noida. As a student of the Singapore International School, he clinched a national-level gold medal in a debating competition held in Mumbai. These accolades, however, were only the beginning.

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