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Kashmiri Apple : The Sweetness of Kashmir 

Along with its beauty, Kashmir is also famous for the sweetness of apples all over the world. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the largest Apple production markets in the world. Kashmiri apples are supplied in many states of India. According to government figures, every year about 20 lakh metric tons of apples are exported from Jammu and Kashmir to other countries. Every year about 12 thousand metric tons of apples are exported from Kashmir to Bangladesh; eight thousand metric tons to Nepal. There is a market for Kashmiri apples in the Gulf countries as well.

The harvesting of apples starts at the beginning of October and continues till the end of November. The importance of apples for the economy of Kashmir can be gauged from the fact that about 90% of the total apples grown in the country are in Kashmir alone. About 35 lakh people are associated with the Apple business. Now, in the last few years, many modern technologies are being used in apple production. One such technique is the apple grading machine. With the help of this machine, it is easy to sort apples according to size, weight and color and then packing them. This makes work quick and easy.

Apple Industries is the first such unit, which brought in apple grading machines and started using it in the valley. By its use, apples do not spoil quickly and their quality remains for a long time. That’s why traders give the price of such packed apples hand to hand and the price is also good. Now more fresh fruits reach the market, traders, and customers.



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