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KIIFFA: A Visionary Film Festival and Award Ceremony

KIIFFA, the Kashi Indian International Film Festival & Awards, is a highly visionary platform that aims to be a leading international film festival.

The two-day KIIFFA-2023 festival at I.M.S.U.C Ghaziabad on May 19th-20th achieved resounding success. KIIFFA (Kashi Indian International Film Festival & Awards) is a unique and non-commercial global platform that promotes and supports cinema’s development worldwide. Focusing on independent films, it fosters knowledge exchange, cultural enrichment, and values between India and other nations. This visionary event unites filmmakers, cinema students, distributors, buyers, and enthusiasts to celebrate the art of filmmaking.

Connecting Filmmakers and Film Enthusiasts:

KIIFFA acts as a bridge between filmmakers, directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, editors, and all those connected to the world of cinema. It provides a valuable opportunity for these creative minds to meet, share ideas, and inspire one another. By fostering collaboration and sharing profitable insights, KIIFFA aims to contribute to the growth and advancement of world cinema.

Kashi Indian International Film Festival & Awards

Promoting Independent Films:

As a non-profit platform, KIIFFA takes pride in showcasing short and feature-length films of various genres from all corners of the world. The festival committee meticulously selects the best films under different categories and screens them in a movie marathon format. This allows independent filmmakers to receive maximum exposure and promotion for their work on an international level. KIIFFA recognizes outstanding talent and presents winners with prizes, trophies, and cash rewards, further encouraging and inspiring independent filmmakers.

Environmental Consciousness:

KIIFFA not only focuses on the art of filmmaking but also aims to promote and support environmental awareness. The festival embraces the concept of going digital and paperless, encouraging participants to save trees, forests, and wildlife. By championing a sustainable approach, KIIFFA sets an example for the industry and highlights the importance of preserving our natural resources.

Kashi Indian International Film Festival & Awards

Honoring Industry Figures:

The festival pays tribute to industry veterans and notable individuals who have made significant contributions to the world of cinema. KIIFFA awards them in recognition of their lifetime achievements, fame, excellence, and invaluable support to the film industry. These awards recognize the hard work, dedication, and impact these individuals have had in shaping the cinematic landscape.

Celebrating Extraordinary Contributions and Trailblazing Talents in the World of Cinema

In a dazzling affair of star power, the film industry honored trailblazers who have made an unforgettable impact. From revered icons to rising stars, the event recognized the remarkable talent that shapes Bollywood and regional cinema. A testament to their extraordinary contributions, it was a night of glitz and glamour.

Kashi Indian International Film Festival & Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed upon the iconic actress Zarina Wahab, paying homage to her illustrious career and immense impact on Bollywood. Yashpal Sharma, known for his versatility, received the prestigious Fame Award, recognizing his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication.

Visionary Leaders and Outstanding Achievements in the Fields of Drama and Automotive Industry

Dr. Ramesh Chandra Gaur, Director of the National School of Drama, received the Excellence Award for his invaluable contributions. Vineet Kumar Gupta (Lohia), leader of Lohia Auto Global, received the Prestigious Award for outstanding industry contributions.

The esteemed Appreciation Award was given to Mr. Nilesh Sharma, acknowledging his outstanding legal expertise. Shri Rakesh Chhariya, the Managing Trustee of IMS Ghaziabad, received the respected Appreciation Award for his exceptional leadership and dedication.

Honoring Exceptional Actresses and Recognizing Emerging Talent in Bollywood

Tasneem Ali and Diksha Dhami received the Appreciation Award for their outstanding performances in Bollywood. Neha Malhotra was honored with the Budding Star Award, highlighting her potential and remarkable talent as a promising upcoming actress.

Kashi Indian International Film Festival & Awards

“Titu Ambani” was awarded Best Hindi Feature Film, captivating audiences with its compelling storyline. Mahinder Vijaydan Detha, the film’s director, received the Best Director accolade, showcasing his exceptional storytelling skills.

Rising Stars and Remarkable Directorial Debuts in Hindi and Marathi Cinema

Rohit Raj Goyal, the breakout star of “Jaggu Ki Laltain,” won the Best Debut Actor award in a Hindi Feature Film, signaling the start of a promising career. Neeraj Gupta’s directorial venture “Songya” achieved the Best Debut Regional Feature Film award in Marathi, showcasing his remarkable directorial debut.

Kashi Indian International Film Festival & Awards

“Songya,” directed by Dr. Milind Inamdar, won Best Regional Feature Film in Marathi, highlighting its cultural significance and excellence. The collaborative efforts of Nishant Kakirde, Rahul Patil, and Milind Inamdar were acknowledged, solidifying the film’s impact in Marathi cinema.


KIIFFA, the Kashi Indian International Film Festival & Awards, aims to be a prominent global film festival. It provides a platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their talent, fostering collaboration, creativity, and environmental consciousness.

KIIFFA supports emerging filmmakers and fosters a global film market, nurturing industry growth. We applaud the awardees for exceptional contributions, captivating audiences, and pushing storytelling boundaries, leaving a lasting mark on cinema.

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