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Preserving Cultural Tradition: The Art Of Willow Wicker With Ghulam Mohammad Magray

Ghulam Mohammad Magray is a skilled craftsman known as a Karigar. He is specializing in the traditional art of willow wicker. It has a long history of use in many cultures around the world. Magray hails from the village of Kachan in the Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir. He has likely learned the skills of a Karigar through years of training and experience.

The Woven Willows Of Kashmir

Creating willow wicker art begins with harvesting willow branches collected from trees during the winter when they are dormant. The stems are soaked in water to make them more pliable. And then the artisans begins to weave them into the desired shape and design.

Honored With Best Artisan Award

Ghulam Mohammad Magray is a highly skilled and accomplished craftsman. He is expertise in creating decorative and functional items from willow wicker. His skills have been recognized and honored with a state award for the best artisan. He received this honor in 2016 from the director of Handicraft Kashmir. The award was given to him specifically for creating a willow-wicker wall clock. Magray’s work demonstrates his talent and dedication to his craft. It helps preserve and promote the traditional art of willow wicker in Jammu and Kashmir.
Willow wicker baskets have a variety of uses, including carrying and storing items. They are often used in farming and gardening. They are also used in craft projects and as decorative items.

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Preserving The Traditional Art

It’s great to see that Ghulam Mohammad Magray is dedicated to preserving the traditional art. He is passing it down to future generations. The cultural heritage of Jammu and Kashmir is essential and worth preserving, and crafts like willow wicker help to keep this heritage alive. It is vital to support and recognize the work of skilled artisans like Magray. He is committed to keeping these traditions alive. By continuing to create high-quality products and sharing his skills with others, Magray is helping to preserve this vital aspect of Jammu and Kashmir’s cultural heritage.

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