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Puja Tomar: India’s First Female UFC Champion Makes History 

In a thrilling bout that had Indian fans on the edge of their seats, Puja “The Cyclone” Tomar became the first Indian woman to win a fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Her victory is not just a personal triumph but a big win for all Indian fighters and fans who dream of seeing their countrymen and women shine in international arenas. 

The Historic Fight: 

Puja, who comes from Uttar Pradesh, faced Rayanne dos Santos in a strawweight match. It was the first fight of the event, and it set the tone for an exciting night. The fight lasted all three rounds, which means 15 minutes of non-stop action. Santos, who was taller, tried to use her long reach to control the fight. But Puja didn’t give up. She kept pushing forward, kicking and punching, making sure Santos felt her power too. 

A Win for All of India: 

After her big win, Puja was overflowing with joy and pride. She said, “I want to show the world that Indian fighters are not losers. We are going all the way up!” She dedicated her victory to all Indian fans and fighters, saying it wasn’t just her win but a win for all of India. 

Puja also talked about how proud she felt walking into the fight with the Indian flag and an Indian song playing. She said she got goosebumps from the feeling. Even though she took a few hits in the fight, she’s ready to keep improving and aiming for the top. 

Kevin Chang, a top UFC official in Asia, praised Puja. He said she’s opening the way for more Indian women in MMA. He also mentioned that India has a long history of women doing well in fighting sports, and now with Puja’s win, we can expect to see more Indian fighters in the UFC. 

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