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Sargam of Jammu brought laurels to India by winning Mrs. World title

India has won the title of Mrs. World. Sargam Kaushal has captured Mrs. World 2022. This time, this program was organized in America. The beauty pageant featured prominent Bollywood celebrities. Sargam was seen crying on stage when India was given the honor of being named Mrs. World after 21 years.

From Jammu and Kashmir, Sargam Kaushal is a 32-year-old man. Sargam did her high school education at Presentation Convent School, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu city. She graduated from Women’s College Gandhi Nagar and did her master’s at the University of Jammu. Sargam has also worked as a teacher in Visakhapatnam. She left teaching and chose to model; after that, she became famous worldwide.

Sargam is married to Aditya Manohar Sharma, a Lieutenant Commander in the Indian Navy. Sargam’s father’s name is GS Kaushal, and her mother is Meena Kaushal. Earlier, Sargam had won the title of Mrs. India World 2022, held in Mumbai. Sargam came to Jammu after winning the title of Mrs. India World 2022. Sharing her experiences, she said that, until she became Miss India World, her husband had made a significant contribution.

She was the one who got the first modeling contract. Before modeling, Sargam was a teacher, but modeling was always a concern. She started modeling after her husband was transferred to Mumbai. She said that her father’s dream was to do modeling.

Celebration of in Jammu on winning the title

Wherever you get a chance, definitely do something for the girls. Today, girls are ahead in every field. They need to be given a platform and equality. Sargam is my daughter, the daughter of this state and country, and I am proud of her. It was stated by GS Kaushal, a resident of Bahu Fort, Jammu, and the father of Sargam Kaushal, who received the title of Mrs. World 2022. There is a festive mood in Bahu Fort due to achieving the title of Sargam.

“I’m glad Sargam recognizes us,” Mother said.

Many people are reaching out to congratulate Sargam’s mother, Meena Kaushal, and father, GS Kaushal. Happy for her daughter’s accomplishment, the mother added that she and I are now known by the moniker Sargam. Our daughter has succeeded in her position through her perseverance and hard work.

Father GS Kaushal said that after 21 years, Sargam had won this title for the country. The entire nation should be proud of this, not just Jammu and Kashmir. Boys and girls currently have equal rights. In every field now, girls are in the lead. Every chance you get, do something kind for girls. He ought to uplift them and serve as their ally. Sargam has demonstrated that daughters benefit the nation and the family by winning awards.

Sargam parents honored

Enlightened citizens of the area, including BJP leaders Rajeev Chadhak and Anuradha Chadhak, arrived at the Bahu Fort house of Sargam Kaushal, who won the title of Mrs. World 2022 and honored the family members. Rajeev Chadhak said that Sargam had established the country’s name on the world stage with hard work and dedication. It is a matter of pride for us that Sargam Bahu is the daughter of Fort Jammu.

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