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The Inspiring Journey of Latika Mandal: A Mother’s Journey to Pursue Education Despite Challenges

Latika Mandal's inspiring journey toward education is a true example of how determination and perseverance can help one achieve their goals.

Education is a fundamental right of every individual, but unfortunately, only some get to avail of this right. Many people have to sacrifice their education due to various circumstances in life. However, some don’t give up on their dreams and keep striving to achieve their goals. One such inspiring individual is Latika Mandal, who, despite facing several challenges in life, decided to pursue education at the age of 38.

Perseverance and Dedication:

Latika Mandal, a 38-year-old mother of two, had to drop out of school after completing sixth grade due to the poor condition of her house. However, her love for learning never faded, and she always wanted to study further. After getting married 19 years back, she got busy with her household responsibilities but never gave up on her dream of education.

The Decision to Pursue :

Latika’s journey toward education started when her son was preparing for his higher secondary exams. Seeing him study and prepare for the exams, Latika’s interest in studies reignited. She decided to appear for the higher secondary exams along with her son.

The Challenges:

Pursuing an education at the age of 38 was a challenging task for Latika. She had to manage her household responsibilities along with her studies. Additionally, she had to study the entire higher secondary syllabus in a short span of time. Moreover, she faced criticism from her family and society for pursuing education at her age. However, she remained determined and focused on her goal.

The Support:

Despite facing several challenges, Latika received support from her family, especially her husband. He encouraged her to pursue education and helped her in managing household responsibilities. Her son also supported her and helped her in studying for the exams.

The Outcome:

Latika’s hard work and dedication paid off, and she and her son successfully appeared for the higher secondary exams. Though she did not score high marks, her achievement was remarkable. She had set an example for other women who had to drop out of school due to various circumstances.

The Impact:

Latika’s journey toward education has inspired many women in her community to pursue their education. She has set an example that age is just a number for learning, and one should never give up on their dreams.


Latika Mandal’s inspiring journey toward education is a true example of how determination and perseverance can help one achieve their goals. Her story highlights the importance of education and how it can change one’s life. It is a reminder that education is a fundamental right, and everyone should have access to it.

Latika Shows Age is just a Number (Video by DNN24)

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