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The Story of Aslam Hussain: A Self-Taught Painter with a Passion for Art

Aslam Hussain's story is a testament to the fact that artists can be recognized for their art.

As journalists, we were on a road trip and stopped at a small dhaba named River View. While there, to satisfy our hunger, our attention was caught by the beautiful paintings on the walls. We asked the manager about the artist and were told that the pictures were made by a local artist named Aslam Hussain Mandal from Dhubri. Intrigued, we immediately got Aslam Hussain‘s number and arranged to meet him at his studio.

Aslam Hussain’s Passion for Painting Overcomes Hardships

Aslam Hussain was nervous at first but agreed to meet with us. When we arrived at his studio, we were shocked that it was just a tiny room converted into a bedroom and a workspace. However, Aslam Hussain’s passion for painting was evident in every brush stroke. He shared with us that he never received formal training but learned to paint by observing his maternal uncle, Ismail Hussain, who was also a painter.

Passion for painting was evident in every brush stroke

Growing up in a small town like Dhubri, Aslam Hussain faced many challenges in pursuing his passion for painting. At that time, resources for the image were scarce, and he had to bring even pencils from outside. Despite these difficulties, Aslam Hussain never gave up and had the full support of his family. However, he was so focused on his responsibilities to his family that he needed more time to pursue his hobby.

Lockdown provided an opportunity to follow the passion

It was only during the lockdown due to the Corona pandemic that Aslam Hussain had the opportunity to follow his passion. As a teacher by profession, he used the time to create many beautiful paintings, which are now displayed in the River View restaurant. One of his notable paintings is King Sher of Ganga, which depicts the king in an angry mood. What sets this painting apart is that it was created using only dot-type pencil, with no lines drawn.

Hard work and talent were finally recognized at the first exhibition

Another painting close to Aslam Hussain’s heart depicts two hands holding a cross, symbolizing his love for his mother, who always forgot to read her tasbeeh after prayer. Aslam Hussain’s hard work and talent were finally recognized when he held his first exhibition of paintings, where the public displayed and appreciated many of his works. Encouraged by the response, he opened a school three months ago where he teaches painting to children.

In conclusion, Aslam Hussain’s story is a testament to the fact that artists can be recognized for their art. Despite facing many obstacles, he never gave up on his passion and continued to create beautiful paintings that have now captured the attention of many. His love for painting and commitment to teaching it to others inspires all aspiring artists.

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