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Young Indian Boy Honored in Dubai Police for Returning Lost Watch 

In the bustling market of Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), young Mohammed Ayan Younis, while shopping with his father, stumbled upon a watch. Understanding the value of honesty, Ayan didn’t think twice before taking the watch to the Dubai Police, asking them to ensure it reaches its rightful owner. This act of integrity by Ayan touched everyone deeply, showcasing a maturity far beyond his years. 

Recognition by Dubai Police 

The Dubai Police, under the guidance of Brigadier Harib Al Shamsi, the Acting Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation, didn’t let Ayan’s noble deed go unnoticed. The Dubai Tourist Police Department, recognizing the young boy’s honesty, decided to honor him. It was discovered that the watch belonged to a foreign tourist who had already left the UAE after reporting the watch missing. The Dubai Police made arrangements to parcel the watch back to the tourist, who was delighted by the gesture and praised Dubai for its high level of security and integrity. 

Award Ceremony and Praise 

The ceremony to honor Ayan was led by Brigadier Khalfan Obaid Al-Jalaf, the Director of the Tourist Police Department, along with his deputy, Lt. Col. Muhammad Abdul Rahman, and Captain Shahab Al-Saadi, Head of the Tourist Happiness Section. They all praised Ayan for his commendable initiative, highlighting how his actions reflect the high ethical standards and security prevalent in the UAE, especially within its critical tourism sector. Brigadier Al Jalaf also took this opportunity to encourage the community to follow Ayan’s example of honesty and to utilize the lost and found services provided by Smart Police Stations (SPS) for returning lost items to their rightful owners. Ayan’s story serves as an inspiring reminder of the importance of honesty and integrity in every action we undertake. 

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