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Baba Budan: The Sufi Who Brought Coffee to India

Coffee is not just a drink. It often serves as a ‘social’ beverage. People enjoy meeting friends, family, or colleagues at coffee shops to chat and connect over a cup of coffee. You can find big, busy coffee shops in cities where many young folks hang out. But here’s something not many coffee lovers know. When they enjoy their coffee, they pay tribute to a 17th-century Sufi named Shah Janab Allah Magatabi, Baba Budan.

A long time ago, a Sufi named Baba Budan lived in Karnataka, India. He went to Arabia for a holy pilgrimage between 1670 and 1695. While he was there, he tasted coffee and loved it. He decided to bring some coffee seeds back to India.

To hide them, he put seven coffee seeds in his long beard. When he returned to India, he planted these seeds, and coffee farming began in that area. Now, that hill in Chikmagalur is famous and called Baba Budangiri, named after Baba Budan.

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