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S. Jaishankar Highlights India’s Triumphs in Space, Technology, and Pharmacy

In a momentous address to the Indian diaspora at the ‘Colors of Friendship’ event held at India House in Washington DC, India’s External Affairs Minister, S. Jaishankar, illuminated the nation’s significant achievements in space, technology, and pharmacy. He articulated a vision of India emblematic of progress and innovation, symbolized by Chandrayaan, Pharmacy, and 5G.

India’s Remarkable Achievements

S. Jaishankar, a prominent figure in India’s diplomatic landscape, commenced his address by spotlighting the nation’s significant accomplishments. He emphasized that the new India is a testament to these milestones, defining it as an India of Chandrayaan, CoWIN, and 5G. These achievements are symbols of India’s progress in space exploration, healthcare, and technological advancement.

A Strong India-US Relationship

Jaishankar underscored the flourishing India-US relationship, highlighting that it exceeded expectations and elevated the partnership to new heights. He conveyed the sentiment that the United States recognizes the potential of modern India and is eager to collaborate more closely.

A Story of Chandrayaan-3

The External Affairs Minister shared a captivating story from his experiences, shedding light on the remarkable journey of Chandrayaan-3. He narrated the momentous occasion when Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he were overseas, closely monitoring the Chandrayaan-3 mission. 

A Visit to ISRO Headquarters

Continuing his narrative, Jaishankar revealed that as Chandrayaan-3 achieved a successful landing, Prime Minister Modi visited the people responsible for the mission’s success. The decision was to land directly in Bengaluru and head straight to the ISRO headquarters. Jaishankar, fortunate to be travelling with the Prime Minister, had the privilege of accompanying him on this historic journey.

A Tribute to Space Science

As a former Space Commission member, Jaishankar expressed his deep interest in space and nuclear sciences. He visited the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IISST) in Kerala, an institution integral to India’s space program. He praised the students and faculty for their contributions and innovations impacting the nation’s space endeavours.

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