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Indian Navy Vice-Admiral Sanjay Bhalla: Leading the Expedition to Mt. Bhagirathi-II

In a remarkable display of courage and determination, Vice-Admiral Sanjay Bhalla of the Indian Navy flagged off an expedition to conquer the formidable Mt. Bhagirathi-II peak. This extraordinary endeavour consists of 15 officers and sailors, led by the capable Commander Kokila Sajwan, a woman officer of exceptional prowess.

This expedition is not just an adventure; it carries a profound and heartfelt tribute to five brave members of the naval expedition who tragically lost their lives on Mount Trishul two years ago on this very day, victims of a treacherous avalanche.

On September 30, 2021, tragedy struck when a massive avalanche hit Mt. Trishul-I, a towering peak that reached a staggering 7,120 meters. Among the casualties were five valiant Indian Navy officers: Rajnikant Yadav, Yogesh Tiwari, Anand Kukreti, Hari Om, and others.

Mt. Bhagirathi-II is no ordinary mountain. It presents a formidable challenge to even the most seasoned climbers due to its complex gradient. It is a recognized expedition peak for ‘technical climbing,’ a testament to the numerous obstacles and complexities it poses to those who dare to conquer it.

Commander Kokila Sajwan, the expedition’s leader, is currently stationed at the Naval Ship Repair Yard in Karwar. At the same time, Commander Nandini Dam Roy fulfils her duties as part of the Warship Overseeing Team in Kolkata.

In summary, Vice-Admiral Sanjay Bhalla’s leadership in flagging off this daring expedition to Mt. Bhagirathi-II is a testament to the unwavering spirit and dedication of the Indian Navy.

The challenges of Mt. Bhagirathi-II are significant, but so is the determination of these brave individuals as they strive to conquer this formidable peak.

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