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India’s Diplomatic Endeavors in Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval's discussions with multiple nations involved in the conflict reflect India's commitment to a diplomatic solution.

Amid escalating food shortages and the desperate quest for a resolution to the Russo-Ukrainian war, global leaders are intensifying efforts to broker peace. Despite colossal human and economic losses, the conflict persists with no military solution. G-7 and G-20 summits faltered, and Turkey, France, and China’s mediation attempts proved futile, prompting calls for India to intervene.

While steadfast in its neutral stance against war, India’s involvement has gained traction. Prime Minister Modi’s recent interactions with critical stakeholders like Vladimir Putin and Volodymir Zelensky indicate India’s willingness to play a more substantial role. The SCO summit and India’s participation in the Copenhagen meeting underscore this shift.

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval’s discussions with multiple nations involved in the conflict reflect India’s commitment to a diplomatic solution. His talks with Andriy Yermak of President Zelensky’s office led to a continuation of dialogue, demonstrating India’s intent.

Doval’s participation in a Jeddah meeting, orchestrated by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Sulaiman, united BRICS members and nations impacted by the global supply chain disruption triggered by Ukraine’s halted wheat exports. This diplomatic initiative aligns with Saudi Arabia’s aspiration to lead amidst crises and hints at their nuclear ambitions.

Doval’s negotiation and strategist mastery shone through his balanced discourse during the meeting. Using the term ‘conflict’ rather than ‘war,’ he upheld India’s stance on dialogue and diplomacy. While advocating for sovereignty and territorial integrity, he indirectly addressed Russia’s involvement, emphasizing the importance of involving all stakeholders in a comprehensive solution.

Positioning India as a Global South advocate, Doval highlighted India’s humanitarian and economic assistance to Ukraine and neighboring nations. He stressed a twin challenge: resolving the crisis and mitigating its consequences, urging comprehensive groundwork. Early reports suggest consensus on respect for sovereignty and the UN Charter, aligning with India’s position.

As working groups convene to shape peace plans, India’s proactive engagement hints at an evolving role in resolving the crisis. In the coming months, India’s diplomatic endeavors are poised to contribute significantly to finding an amicable solution to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

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