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India’s Diplomatic Triumphs at the New Delhi G20 Summit 2023

The New Delhi G20 Summit, held September 9-10, 2023, marked a significant turning point in global diplomacy. Five key takeaways from this summit underscore India’s strategic prowess and growing influence on the world stage.

A Strategic Balance: India achieved a remarkable feat by toning down Western criticism of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. The revised language in the summit’s statement refrained from condemning or deploring Russia’s actions, earning India the gratitude of Russia. This diplomatic manoeuvre paved the way for a shift towards diplomatic rather than military solutions to the Ukraine conflict. 

South by Southwest: India showcased its role as a stabilizing force in the global South, earning the confidence of both the Northern and Western powers. India’s successful presidency illustrated its capacity to guide and shape the South’s agenda, mitigating strategic radicalization. This demonstrated that India’s influence extended beyond monetary power and was a credible and acceptable voice for the South.

India showcased domestic achievements, from digital infrastructure to climate solutions, expanding its global influence and advocating for increased international involvement.

The Gulf’s Ascendancy: India’s strategic investments in Gulf countries paid off, with the UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia playing prominent roles at the summit. The launch of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor signalled a paradigm shift in India’s approach to its extended Western neighbourhood. This diplomatic achievement strengthened India’s foothold in the Gulf and underscored its importance in the region.

In summary, the New Delhi G20 Summit 2023 showcased India’s growing diplomatic clout, ability to mediate between significant powers and role as a stabilizing force in the global South. India’s achievements at the summit laid the foundation for a more prominent and influential role on the world stage.

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