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India’s Exemplary G-20 Presidency: Showcasing Soft Power and Global Leadership

In the heart of Hyderabad, India’s G-20 Agriculture Ministers Meeting on food security served as a shining testament to India’s Exemplary approach to orchestrating global economic summits throughout its presidency. India’s commitment to making the most of its G-20 presidency was evident, as External Affairs Minister S. Jaishnakar emphasized the nation’s serious dedication to the role.

One example of India’s unique approach was the Ministerial meeting on food security. Recognizing its significance to ordinary people, the focus was placed on addressing challenges to food security. India also showcased its efforts to expand millet cultivation—a water-efficient superfood. This approach aimed to engage the public, making them stakeholders in the G-20 events rather than confining discussions to closed meeting rooms.

India’s approach to organizing G-20-related events during its presidency resembled a grand festival, setting new benchmarks in global diplomacy. In 62 Indian cities, 200 meetings featured cultural performances and local cuisine. Delegates were also encouraged to explore local markets, immersing themselves in India’s diverse culture, arts, and traditions.

Indonesia and Brazil diplomats acknowledge India’s exceptional event organization. Moreover, these events have stimulated local economies and led to infrastructure development in host cities.

Politically, India’s G-20 Presidency has catapulted the nation into the league of the world’s top economies and affirmed its role as a leader in the Global South. Hosting the Voice of Global South Summit 2023, India actively involved developing countries in shaping the global development agenda.

India’s diplomatic engagement with countries like the USA and Russia and ongoing tensions with China showcase its non-isolation on the global stage. The G-20 has underscored India’s extensive support among nations worldwide, reinforcing its position as a pivotal player in international affairs.

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