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Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s relationship with Faridabad is unique

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the great politician of Frontier Province and Balochistan, has a deep relationship with the Faridabad city of today’s Haryana. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan laid the foundation of the new industrial city of Faridabad, and India’s first Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru, played a crucial role in establishing the city.

It so happened that during the partition of the country, about 50,000 people from the districts of North-West Frontier Province like Bannu, Dera Ismail Khan, Kohat, Hazara, Mardan, and Peshawar came to India in the aftermath of partition of the country.

Most of them reached Kurukshetra in today’s Haryana and were in tented accommodations. As they were staunch supporters of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru took an interest in their welfare.

The Government wanted to settle them in the Alwar and Bharatpur districts of Rajasthan, but the refugees wanted to live around Delhi. As they were members of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s Khudai Khidmatgar organization, they started protesting for their demands.

The protesters – Kanhaiya, Nihal Chand, Sukhram, Pandit Gobind Das, Pandit Anant Ram, Khushiram, Chaudhary Dayalagand, Duli Chaudhary, Jetha Nand, and Chattu Ram Gera, etc. – were aiming to make the government agree to their choice of the place for settlement.

Seeing no impact on the government, the protesters left for Delhi and staged their protest in front of the Ministry of Re-establishment.

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