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Kheer Bhawani Temple

The Kheer Bhawani Hindu temple is located in the Ganderbal village of Tulmul, 25 kilometres (16 miles) northeast of Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India. The building was built over a holy spring and is dedicated to the Hindu deity Kheer Bhavani. The goddess is known by numerous names, as is customary for Hindu deities, including Ragyna or Rajna as well as many forms of the honorifics devi, mata, or Bhagavata.

Kheer Bhawani Temple

Kheer is the name for a milk and rice pudding that is presented as a sacrifice to the goddess. The name Kheer Bhawani can also be rendered as “Milk Goddess.” In Kashmir, Kheer Bhawani is revered by all Hindus, the majority of whom regard her as Kuladevi, their patron deity of protection. The local sacred spring has a specific associated belief. Here, an annual event by the same name is held.

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