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Kolkata’s KYN Organizes Heritage Walks and Dosti ki Iftar in Muslim Neighborhoods

Kolkata, famously known as The City of Joy, showcases a vibrant mix of cultures and inclusive festivities. Its biggest strength lies in the unity among communities, shared religious values, and the residents’ commitment to preserving their heritage. 

One standout program, ‘Know Your Neighbourhood’ (KYN), led by the city’s youth, plays a crucial role in fostering civic harmony. Recently, they organised ‘Dosti Ki Iftar,’ a gathering where people from various backgrounds came together to share in the Ramadan evening meal, promoting inclusivity and mutual understanding. 

Promoting Understanding Through Interaction 

KYN’s primary goal, highlighted on its website, emphasiszes the importance of genuine connections and relationships in promoting peaceful coexistence. Given the rising community tensions, KYN’s initiatives have become increasingly relevant. 

Apart from organiszing events to bridge understanding about Muslims, KYN also arranges heritage tours for Muslims during Hindu festivals like Durga Puja. These initiatives aim to break down stereotypes and cultivate respect among different groups. 

Celebrating Diversity Through Dialogue 

The annual multi-faith Iftar event, Dosti Ki Iftar, hosted by KYN, invites key figures from diverse backgrounds to share a meal and discuss pressing issues. Discussions often revolve around national unity and religious acceptance, encouraging an exchange of perspectives. 

Dispelling Misconceptions 

Dosti Iftar gatherings attract a broad audience, especially non-Muslims, spreading a message of love, peace, and diversity. Participants appreciate the initiative’s role in challenging misconceptions and fostering a sense of harmony.  

In summary, initiatives like Dosti Ki Iftar reflect Kolkata’s commitment to embracing diversity and promoting peaceful coexistence despite societal challenges. 

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