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Magh Bihu 2023: Traditional buffalo fights During Magh Bihu Festival in Assam

A traditional buffalo fight marked the Magh Bihu festival in Assam where buffalos were seen locking horns with each other Like other states of the country, Assam also has a tradition of “buffalo fight“. It is believed that during the month of Magh, the buffaloes become so strong that if they are not made to fight with each other, they can attack the owner and it becomes difficult for owners to get work from buffaloes in the fields.

Buffalo fight held as part of Magh Bihu

Thus, on the first day of Magh month, when Bhogali Bihu is celebrated all over Assam, a buffalo fight is also organized on this occasion where hundreds of buffaloes participate.

Hundreds of buffaloes including Arjuna, and Kalia, (names of the buffaloes) are being led to the field for the fight. Decorated buffalo was seen waiting for his turn to participate in a traditional buffalo fight held as part of Magh Bihu.

After a short duration contestants are announced. Buffaloes are pitted against each other on the basis of their age and weight. The fight sometimes ends in a moment and sometimes continues for several minutes until one of the two buffaloes runs away from the field.

The special thing about this fight is that people of every religion and caste participate in it with their buffaloes.

Ahom Kings started Popular Buffalo Fight

“Buffalo fighting” was started centuries ago by the Ahom kings. But after Ahom kings lost their rule, the “buffalo fighting” practice also stopped for short period. But again, In 1972, this ritual was revived.

Court Banned Buffalo fight in 2014

The apex court in 2014 passed an order prohibiting all forms of animal races and fights.

Buffalo fighting has traditionally been held in Assam on the occasion of Bihu.

This year also a buffalo fight took place in Assam’s Nagaon.  Twenty five pairs of buffaloes participated. The organizers of the buffalo fight “Gomothagaon Zonal Buffalo Fight Celebration Committee” also awarded the owners of buffaloes who won the competition.



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