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Padma Shri Honor: Zahoor Qazi’s 40-Year Educational Journey with Anjuman-e-Islam

When the Narendra Modi government assumed leadership, concerns among Muslims about potential discrimination were palpable. Contrary to these fears, Dr. Zahir Qazi, president of Mumbai’s 150-year-old Anjuman-e-Islam, attests to the unwavering support the institution has received. In an interview with Awaz-the Voice, Dr. Qazi highlights the positive collaboration with the government, emphasizing transparent and unbiased assistance.

A Visionary Leader in Education

Dr. Zahir Qazi, a distinguished physician with a 40-year commitment to education, is set to receive the Padma Shri for his exemplary service. His dedication to Anjuman-e-Islam’s progress led him to redirect a sizable portion of his time from medical practice to educational endeavors.

Historical Roots and Growth

Founded 149 years ago by progressive Muslims, including Dr. Badruddin Tayabji, Anjuman-e-Islam aimed to uplift the educational and social status of the community. The institution’s first Urdu medium school was established in 1874, predating Aligarh Muslim University.

An Expansive Educational Network

Today, Anjuman-e-Islam oversees 97 institutions, ranging from pre-primary schools to postgraduate programs. Its commitment to quality education extends to diverse fields, including engineering, medicine, commerce, and law. The institution, a Muslim minority entity, proudly enrolls students from all religious backgrounds.

Transparent Management and Future Expansion

Dr. Qazi emphasizes the importance of transparent planning and research in establishing institutions. Anjuman-e-Islam’s commitment to purity in its endeavors is reflected in annual elections and strategic project selection. The institution’s success in Mumbai has spurred invitations to set up campuses in North India.

Shaping Futures Globally

Anjuman-e-Islam’s impact extends beyond national borders, with collaborations with MIT University, Cambridge, and discussions with the University of Maryland and Temple University in the USA. These initiatives underscore the institution’s global recognition and commitment to excellence.

Social Responsibility and Inclusivity

Not just a center for academic pursuits, Anjuman-e-Islam actively engages in charitable endeavors, managing orphanages and providing vocational training for women. Dr. Qazi notes a significant positive shift in the Muslim community’s attitude towards education, attributing it to Anjuman-e-Islam’s transformative vision.

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