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Pradeep Sharma Khusro Has The World’s Largest Collection Of Amir Khusro’s Works!

Amir Khusro, known as Tota-e-Hind, pioneered using Hindi words in Persian poems.

Dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of the 13th-century polymath Amir Khusro, Pradeep Sharma Khusro’s extraordinary journey is a testament to passion’s transformative power. Overcoming financial struggles, Pradeep has amassed what he claims to be the world’s most extensive collection of Amir Khusro’s works. This group spans 12 languages, including Persian, English, Arabic, and Urdu.

Pradeep’s devotion to Khusro’s Legacy led him to seek knowledge. Starting with a few books, he diligently sought and acquired rare works on Khusro worldwide. Generous scholars and connections with students from diverse countries facilitated his pursuit. His collection now comprises thousands of books, audio recordings, and DVDs showcasing Khusro’s contributions as a philosopher, musician, Sufi, and historian.

Amir Khusro, known as Tota-e-Hind, pioneered using Hindi words in Persian poems. He was the first poet to write in Hindi, Hindavi, and Persian concurrently, even inventing the Khari Boli dialect. Pradeep’s reverence for Khusro led him to dub himself Pradeep Sharma Khusro, reflecting his deep connection to the poet. Pradeep’s contribution to preserving Khusro’s Legacy extends to translating more than 5000 pages of Khusro’s Persian works.

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