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Prime Minister Modi’s Address on Parliament’s Enduring Legacy

Prime Minister Modi’s speech highlighted Parliament’s enduring legacy and unwavering resilience, encapsulating its significance in India’s democracy. Prime Minister Modi delivered a stirring speech on the first day of a Special Session of Parliament, reflecting on the enduring strength of India’s democracy and the rich history of the nation’s legislative body.

He commenced by fondly recalling his initial entry into Parliament, a humble child from a railway platform, truly awe-inspiring. This, he believed, symbolized the incredible democratic journey of India.

The Prime Minister emphasized the significance of the inscription “Lokadwaram” at the entrance of Parliament, which means “Open the door for the public.” This inscription, he stated, encapsulates the essence of democracy, highlighting the importance of ensuring public access to their rights.

Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the sense of familial belonging among parliamentarians despite the occasional disagreements and disputes. He emphasized members’ emotional connection with the institution, which persists even after their tenure.

Reflecting on India’s post-independence journey, PM Modi affirmed that Parliament silenced doubts, showcasing the strength of Bharat’s democracy. He stressed that the people’s trust in Parliament is the bedrock of democracy and the key to its success.

The Prime Minister paid tribute to the leaders who have guided the nation through Parliament and mentioned the enriching contributions of world leaders who have addressed the Indian Parliament.

He acknowledged the moments of sorrow, such as bidding farewell to three Prime Ministers, but also the resilience of Parliament in the face of adversity. He commended the leadership of Speakers and Chairpersons over the years.

Prime Minister Modi extended his gratitude to the dedicated teams working behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth functioning of Parliament. He appreciated their invaluable contributions to governance.

In closing, he solemnly remembered the terrorist attack on Parliament as an assault on the “mother of democracy”. He paid respects to those who bravely defended it, safeguarding every member’s safety.

In his address, Prime Minister Modi celebrated the legacy of India’s Parliament and underscored its enduring importance as a symbol of democracy, unity, and resilience.

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