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Role Of Lucknow Youth In Selecting Landing Spot For Chandrayaan-3

Abdullah Suhail, a data scientist affiliated with ISRO's High Resolution Data Processing Division, was among the select individuals tasked with choosing a landing location for Chandrayaan-3.

Abdullah Suhail, an illustrious alumnus of City Montessori School’s Indira Nagar and Mahanagar Campuses, has emerged as a source of pride for his city through his remarkable contributions. Hailing from a family of academic excellence, with an engineer father and a highly qualified mother, he is the second among three siblings.

In a statement issued by CMS, the school’s former student humbly shared, “Our current achievements are the fruit of a collective endeavour by our dedicated team, and the credit unequivocally belongs to each member. Yet, we mustn’t lose sight of loftier aspirations. Countless uncharted planets beckon, and the potential for extraterrestrial life remains an open question.” Reflecting on his education, Suhail shared, “I initiated my academic journey at CMS Indira Nagar, culminating with my 10th grade.” Subsequently, I accomplished my 12th grade studies at CMS Mahanagar campus.”

Suhail Zinjinani, Suhail’s father, expressed pride in his son’s engineering aspirations, noting his fervent interest from a young age. His dedication translated into a flawless Mathematics score in 12th grade. He pursued a B Tech in Computer Engineering and later secured his M.Tech/PhD from JNU. His journey led him to ISRO, where he seized an opportunity aligned with his passion.”

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