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Runa Rafique: The Woman Entrepreneur Revolutionizing Antibiotic-Free Chicken Farming

In recent years, Runa Rafique has been a woman entrepreneur changing the game of chicken farming by revolutionizing the process of producing antibiotic-free chickens. With her innovative approach, Runa is transforming the industry by promoting a healthier and more sustainable way of producing poultry. There has been a growing concern about the use of antibiotics in poultry farming. Many chicken-eating enthusiasts have started preferring antibiotic-free chicken due to its health benefits. The demand for antibiotic-free chicken has increased significantly, prompting some entrepreneurs to start poultry farms. One such entrepreneur is Runa Rafique from Assam, India.

The Rise of Antibiotic-Free Chicken:

Antibiotic-free chicken has gained popularity due to the negative effects of antibiotics on human health. The excessive use of antibiotics in poultry farming has been linked to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can cause serious illnesses. The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for reducing the use of antibiotics in poultry farming to prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Runa Rafique’s Poultry Farm:

Antibiotic overuse in the poultry industry has been a cause of concern for years. To address this issue, Runa created an antibiotic-free chicken farm where she focuses on the birds’ health and welfare. She provides the chickens with a healthy diet, clean living conditions, and proper care to stay healthy without antibiotics.

Runa’s approach has gained significant attention from customers looking for healthier alternatives to conventional poultry. She has also been recognized for her contribution to the industry, and her business has been featured in various publications.

Meeting the Demand:

Runa Rafique’s poultry farm started gaining popularity as the demand for antibiotic-free chicken increased. Her customers appreciated the quality of the chicken and the fact that it was free from antibiotics. As a result, she was able to expand her business and increase her production. Today, her farm produces significant antibiotic-free chickens sold in local markets and restaurants.

Recognition as a Woman Entrepreneur:

Runa Rafique’s efforts to promote antibiotic-free chicken have not gone unnoticed. Various organizations have recognized her as a woman entrepreneur, and she received several awards for her contribution to the poultry industry. She has also been invited to speak at various conferences and seminars to share her experience and knowledge.

Building a Brand:

The antibiotic-free chicken produced in Runa Rafique’s poultry farm has started taking shape as a brand. The brand is associated with quality, health, and sustainability. Her customers trust her brand and are willing to pay a premium price. She has also started exporting her chicken to neighboring states, which has helped her business grow even further.


Runa Rafique’s story is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on society. Her efforts to promote antibiotic-free chicken have not only helped improve the health of her customers but have also contributed to the sustainable growth of the poultry industry.

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