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Seven-Year-Old’s Viral Plea for Time Leads to a New Home and Education Opportunity

This heartwarming story highlights social media's power and strangers' kindness.

Nikumani Kalita was one of the many children who lost their homes in a recent eviction drive in Guwahati. However, a video clip of the seven-year-old urging the eviction officer to give his family 10 minutes to retrieve their belongings went viral on social media, leading to a life-changing opportunity.

Nikumani Kalita‘s family received a new home and employment, and Nikumani was offered free education by Mahbubul Hoque, Chancellor of the University of Science and Technology of Meghalaya, who was moved by the child’s plea.

This heartwarming story highlights social media’s power and strangers’ kindness.

For a detailed story, visit: Awaz the voice

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