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Soliha Shabir: The Youngest and First Author from Jammu and Kashmir to Recreate the Life of Habba Khatoon’s Poetry

In the enchanting valley of Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir, a young and talented woman named Soliha Shabir has etched her name in history by adding her presence to “India’s World Records.” She has accomplished a remarkable feat as the youngest and first author from the region to recreate the life and poetry of Habba Khatoon. Through her exceptional work, she has managed to revive the essence of a timeless poetess and garner recognition on a national level.

Zoon: The Heart of Habba Khatoon’s Poetry

Soliha Shabir’s book “Zoon – The Heart of Habba Khatoon” is a literary masterpiece, vividly capturing the essence of the poetess’s themes. The ambitious work reflects her profound love and admiration for Habba Khatoon, revealing her talent and creativity as a writer.

Soliha Shabir’s book Zoon (Photos by DNN24)

The Journey of a Young Author

At 22 years old, Soliha Shabir authored three remarkable books, displaying her literary prowess and dedication. Her journey started at 15, with her first poem guided by a supportive teacher. She continues to write, fueled by her passion for literature and connection to Habba Khatoon’s works.

Overcoming Challenges and Pursuing Passion

Despite her immense talent, Soliha Shabir initially faced resistance from her family regarding her choice to become an author. However, her unwavering determination and hard work eventually won them over, and they became her support pillars. With their encouragement, she forged ahead in her literary pursuits, showcasing exceptional courage and strength of character.

‘In the Lawn of Dark’: A Compilation of Self-Motivational Quotes

Her first book, ‘In the Lawn of Dark,’ is a compilation of 200 self-motivational quotes she accumulated over the years. These quotes reflect her personal growth and experiences and serve as a source of inspiration for readers seeking encouragement and strength in their own lives.

From Socio-Medical to the Poetic Path

Soliha shares her intriguing journey from a rather introverted and less social individual in her school days to a blossoming poet and writer. Her teacher, Sabiya Gulzar, recognized her innate writing caliber and encouraged her to pursue her passion. Despite her outstanding academic performance, societal norms nudged her toward the medical stream, but she bravely chose to follow her heart and became a poet and author instead.

Soliha Shabir: The Youngest and First Author from Jammu and Kashmir (Photos by DNN24)

‘Obsolete- The Poem Market’: A Collection of Emotions

Her second book, ‘Obsolete- The Poem Market,’ is an exceptional collection of poems that delves into emotions and the human experience. These poems beautifully articulate a range of feelings, captivating readers with depth and profound expressions.

Playing the Role of Habba Khatoon

During school days, Soliha portrayed Habba Khatoon in a play, deepening her connection with the poetess. This experience inspired her third book, ‘Zoon – The Heart of Habba Khatoon,’ where she penned poems based on Habba Khatoon’s life and journey.

Recognition by India’s World Records

Soliha Shabir’s book ‘Zoon – The Heart of Habba Khatoon’ is recognized by India’s World Records. Meticulous research and devotion to her craft led to this honor. She becomes the first girl from Jammu and Kashmir to recreate Habba Khatoon’s poetry, earning a well-deserved spot in history.


Soliha Shabir’s journey: a young girl passionate about writing to a celebrated author. Her books showcase talent and creativity, capturing Habba Khatoon’s poetry spirit. She forges her path in the literary world. Inspiring! Soliha’s accomplishments remind us of the power of passion, perseverance, and self-belief in pursuing our dreams.

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