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Sudha Murty Receives Global Indian Award at Prestigious Indo-Canadian Gala

Sudha Murty, the renowned author, philanthropist, and wife of Infosys co-founder N. R. Narayana Murty, was recently honored with the prestigious Global Indian Award by the Canada India Foundation (CIF) during the largest Indo-Canadian gala event.

Sudha Murty: A Trailblazer for Future Generations

Sudha Murty’s remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to various causes have earned her this prestigious recognition. Satish Thakkar, Chairman of Canada India Foundation, expressed his delight in presenting the Global Indian Award to Sudha Murty, acknowledging her tireless efforts in paving the way for future generations and her passionate commitment to giving back to society.

Indo-Canadian Diaspora: Cultural Ambassadors

Sudha Murty also took a moment to appreciate the Indo-Canadian diaspora, recognizing them as a bridge between the two nations. She commended their role as the carriers of Indian culture in a foreign land. She encouraged them to continue their efforts, stating, “You are the carriers of Indian culture in a different land. Please keep it up.”

A Unique Honor for the Murty Couple

In a lighthearted moment, Sudha Murty remarked, “There is a funny thing about this award because Narayana Murty also received it in 2014, and I received it in 2023. So, we’re the first couple to receive this award.” This playful comment added a touch of humor to the evening’s proceedings.

A Generous Gesture: Donating the Award

Sudha Murty, known for her philanthropic endeavors, demonstrated her commitment to the greater good by donating the entire award to The Field Institute at the University of Toronto. The Field Institute is internationally renowned for strengthening collaboration, fostering innovation, and enhancing learning, particularly in mathematics and other disciplines.

In conclusion, Sudha Murty’s recognition with the Global Indian Award is a testament to her outstanding achievements and dedication to her chosen field and society. Her philanthropic spirit and commitment to making a difference continue to inspire and uplift others, serving as a shining example for future generations to follow.

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