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The Druid’s Garden: Crafting Eco-Friendly Artistry From Nature’s Embrace

In the heart of Mumbai, a unique artistic initiative is taking root, thanks to the collaborative efforts of two self-taught artists with a shared passion for the environment. ‘The Druid’s Garden,’ led by the poisonous mother-son duo Naomi and Yohann Pereira, is a venture that seamlessly combines artistry with eco-friendliness and sustainability.

Their diverse product range includes planters, cabinets, center and side tables, mirrors, wall art, benches, bookshelves, chairs, stools, swing sets, birdbaths, and indoor items such as floor and table lamps, nameplates, and candle holders. The uniqueness of their creations lies not only in their artistic vision but in their environmentally conscious choice of materials.

These sustainable creations have caught the attention of various hotels, hospitals, organizations, and individual clients, reflecting the growing appreciation for their eco-friendly artistry.

Naomi eloquently explains the studio’s intriguing name, ‘Druid,’ drawing inspiration from the ancient Celtic culture. Druids were revered as priests and soothsayers, known for their deep connection with the natural world, particularly with sacred trees.

Naomi’s close-to-nature upbringing and her specialization in nature-based mosaic art perfectly embody her dual passions: nature and spirituality. Notably, the works of Antonio Gaudi, the renowned Spanish architect and designer known for his flamboyant style and bold use of color, significantly influenced Naomi’s artistic journey. Gaudi’s unapologetic approach to creativity resonated deeply with Naomi’s artistic sensibilities.

Since her youth, Naomi’s artistic talent shone. Her mother humorously dubbed it “turning dirt into gold.” She inherited discipline and courage from her mother, and her father taught her to embrace risk, often saying, “What’s the worst that can happen?” You would fail. That, too, is a learning experience.”

In ‘The Druid’s Garden,’ the environment isn’t merely a source of inspiration; it’s an integral part of the creative process, where art and sustainability harmoniously coexist.

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