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The Role of the Association of Muslim Professionals

With its headquarters in Mumbai, the Association of Muslim Workers (AMP) is a group of Muslim Professionals who work to improve the lives of all Muslims and everyone else. AMP began as an online project in 2007 as a social networking group. It has since grown into a nationwide organisation with members in 20 countries worldwide and 400 districts in India. AMP was created because Indian Muslims needed to take action to deal with the educational, social, economic, and cultural problems they were facing. Its founder and president is Aamir Edresy.

The Effects and Results

AMP’s effect echoes through its diverse projects aimed at strengthening the community. AMP’s work has caused a positive change in Muslim youth, from holding encouraging talks and classes on personality development in over 1000 schools to job fairs that have helped over 80,000 people find jobs across India. Also, its grant programmes and test prep centres have made more opportunities available to students from all faiths and cultures, encouraging diversity and inclusion.

Future Endeavors and Long-term Vision

Looking ahead, AMP sees a world where education is the cornerstone of the Muslim community’s growth and economic success. AMP is about to start a 25-year plan that will bring about huge changes. The main goals are to get more Muslims into higher education and reduce poverty. AMP wants to improve the social and economic situation of Muslims by working together strategically and continuously, which will make a big difference in the country’s growth plan.

Promoting peaceful coexistence and building a nation

At its core, AMP supports the ideas of peaceful cooperation and nation-building. By matching its projects with the government’s economic goals, AMP tries to promote a feeling of connection and social duty among Muslims. Its forthcoming national assembly in Jaipur on the 21st of February serves as a stage to reflect on past successes and plan a path for the future, with a keen stress on sustainable growth and equitable development.

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