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World Book Fair: A Journey Through the World of Books

World Book Fair Books for Everyone: Reading books has various advantages, and the significance of a book is different for everyone. For a lover, a book may be the face of their beloved, while for a philosopher, it may be life itself.

Saudi Arabia’s Rich Cultural Heritage at the World Book Fair

The World Book Fair has opened in Delhi. This year’s theme is “Multilingual India.” The Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution includes 22 languages, yet during the Book Fair, there is no restriction to languages. You may find the same term in multiple languages. So let’s head to the booths and see what’s exceptional.

Saudi Arabia’s Rich Cultural Heritage (Photos by DNN24)

This year, the Guest of Honor at the World Book Fair is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Where we met with Abdul Rahman, a Saudi Arabian visitor. He commended India and its people, noting that they are extremely welcoming. He claimed that he enjoys the flavour of “kewa” in Indian hospitality. Saudi Arabia has a rich musical culture that is centuries old. The traditional “Ardha” dance, often known as the sword dance, was performed during the Book Fair.

Arabic Calligraphy and Cultural Artifacts

This booth shows some remarkable objects that emphasise the value of Saudi Arabia’s history. There is a rectangular plaque inscribed in the third century CE and a bronze oil lamp from the third century CE. There are many more comparable goods here. People are interested in Arabic calligraphy here. People are waiting in lengthy lines to have their names inscribed in a new manner by Saudi Arabian visitors, who are giving this service for free to Indian people as a show of goodwill. Colourful drawings are also contributing to the beauty of calligraphy.

Arabic Calligraphy (Photos by DNN24)

The Quran printed in Arabic calligraphy, the “Tasbih” or prayer beads, and other objects of Saudi Arabian culture are also being exhibited prominently.

Arabic Cultural Treasures Captivate Crowds at World Book Fair

Among the varied options at the World Book Fair, one booth casts a light on the rich history and colourful culture of Saudi Arabia. Visitors are captivated by the exhibition of extraordinary things that tell stories of a bygone period. A rectangular plaque, boldly boasting writings from the third century CE, rests near a bronze oil lamp, evidence of the creativity of that age. These antiques, together with others of comparable antiquity, give a real peek into Saudi Arabia’s history.

Arabic Cultural Treasures (Photos by DNN24)

But the booth’s fascination goes beyond its historical riches. The art of Arabic calligraphy takes centre stage, attracting observers with its complex patterns and exquisite flourishes. The elegance of the screenplay lures visitors to want to customise the experience. Saudi Arabian visitors, as a show of goodwill, lend their talents, inscribing names in this distinctive manner for free. The resultant vivid doodles serve as lovely souvenirs, further boosting the attraction of the calligraphy.

As guests dig further into the booth, they uncover gems from modern Saudi Arabia as well. The Quran, carefully written in Arabic calligraphy, rests beside traditional prayer beads, known as Tasbih. These items, filled with cultural value, give a glimpse into the spiritual and creative manifestations of the area.

Arabic Cultural Artifacts (Photos by DNN24)

With its compelling combination of historical antiques, elegant calligraphy, and cultural treasures, the Saudi Arabian exhibit provides a unique experience at the World Book Fair. It allows visitors to embark on a journey through time, encouraging knowledge and admiration for a rich and intriguing culture.

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