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Chandrayaan-3 Moon Mission: Special Prayers Seek Success

India's Chandrayaan-3 mission, poised for launch, exemplifies the nation's unique blend of scientific pursuit and spiritual reverence in space exploration.

Special prayers and rituals were meticulously performed to invoke divine blessings from the revered Yamuna River to secure a prosperous Chandrayaan-3 success. Activists along the riverfront orchestrated a distinctive ‘havan puja’ on a Sunday, brimming with optimism for the triumph of India’s imminent Chandrayaan-3 mission.

Organizer of the prayer initiative, Rahul Raj, emphasized the collective determination that fuels this endeavour. He articulated, “Though we faced setbacks previously, August 23 marks India’s resolute path to victory. Alongside our formidable scientific expertise, our invocation of divine forces through the havan ritual seeks to avert any potential obstacles.”

A diverse multitude assembled to partake in the prayers and puja at the picturesque Etmauddaula viewpoint park, which rests serenely by the river. Devashish Bhattacharya, a River Connect Campaigner, shared his aspirations for India’s space exploration milestones. He stated, “Blessed by our deities, we anticipate a seamless Vikram landing. India’s ascent in space research represents our collective aspiration to push the boundaries of knowledge.” Astrologer Pramod Gautam, Vedic Sutram’s Chairman, instilled optimism, stating hurdles dissolved, potentially leading India to glory with Vikram Lander’s success.

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